FLW Tour Major, Lewis Smith Lake

Smith Lake 2013 2I have a solid history on Smith Lake, and that helped with my practice strategy, allowing me to cut down the learning curve. Typically I target spotted bass there, but I felt like the largemouths would play a bigger role this year than they have in the past and I wanted to spend a lot of time looking for those better bites.

Even though the air was cold and we had snow during the practice period, the water temperatures were right at 50 degrees. Conditions got worse as practice progressed and that made the spotted bass harder to pattern. They follow around schools of herring and you can find them in an area one day and they’ll be gone the next. Despite that potential difficulty, I was able to start in areas where I’d caught them in the past and managed to dial them in pretty quickly. Then when it started to warm up I turned my attention to catching largemouths.

I quickly figured out that the largemouths were in the creeks where the dirtier water was located and I found them on bluff banks, holding in 3 to 12 feet of water. My goal was to pattern them but not get spread too thin – on Smith, getting from one creek to another can take a while and if your fishing spots are in different arms it’s possible to use up most of a tournament day just going from one to the next.

By the last practice day I felt like I was in pretty good shape, with three or four main areas, one of which was close to the launch ramp and had a mixture of both largemouths and spots. That’s where I started on Day One and I had three fish in the boat pretty quickly. As it started to warm up I ran to one of my largemouth spots in Rock Creek. There were a lot of boats there, more than I expected, but by slowing down and fishing the water thoroughly I was able to get my limit quickly. The key bait was a 3/8 ounce ball head Lunker Lure Limit Series jig tipped with a green pumpkin chartreuse Critter Craw. I was also flipping a tube, which seemed to get better bites, but it was harder to keep them hooked. I didn’t lose any fish on the jig, but I lost a 5- or 6-pounder on the tube near the end of the day. It really hurt, and probably cost me the 20 cut. I ended the day in 48th place with 10-14. The weights were stacked pretty closely together.

Day Two dawned a little bit warmer and I decided to reverse my milk run and add some areas, too. I started in Brushy Creek and caught a couple of small spots, but it quickly became obvious that the fishing was tough. I went to my best largemouth area, a stretch where I’d had 15 bites the day before, and couldn’t get a single bite. That put me in scramble mode, but by the time I got back to where I’d started the first day, things started to get better. I could tell that it hadn’t been pressured, which allowed me to fish slowly and precisely, and almost immediately I caught number three, a nice largemouth. The fish had pulled out deeper and in the last 40 minutes I managed a really nice spot and then my fifth keeper to move me up 12 spots to 36th. It was a tough day for everyone, as many of the leaders stumbled, so I felt like I didn’t do all that poorly considering the circumstances.

I like Smith Lake. It reminds me of Table Rock and that’s my comfort zone. If I had it to do over again, I suppose I could have fished for spots more in practice to have more backup fish, but that would have limited my time to search for the largemouths, so I feel like I made the right trade-off.

Now we’re at Guntersville, taking care of some business and some hospitality trips. I have two events coming up at Douglas Lake and I can’t wait to get back in the water.

As I noted above, it was freezing cold at Smith and under those conditions it can be tough to safely launch and load your boat, especially on steep ramps and especially by yourself. The folks at EPCO Marine Products are offering a special deal this month on the Snapper Boat Latch, which takes all of the uncertainty out of the process. Just enter “CHAD” in the promo code box and they’ll take $100 off the price. It’s a no-brainer that’ll make any boater’s experience a better one.


36th Place

10 fish, 21-04

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