BASS Southern Open – Lake Toho

BASSOpenLkToho2016After punching my ticket to the 2016 Classic through last year’s first Southern Open on Toho, I was eager to return and start off 2016 the same way. It’s no secret that I love Florida and it has been very good to me.

I felt like I’d need at least 6 to 10 days of practice to develop a winning strategy. The weather changes so often and so severely at this time of year that it’s necessary to fish various areas through those changes. I wanted to spend time in all four lakes on the chain under the different conditions – and it certainly changed a lot. We saw 40 mile per hour winds, 38 degree nights, 70 degree days and everything in between. I tried to learn something every day and then put it all together one piece at a time.

While the first competition day didn’t provide ideal conditions, the outlook for Friday and Saturday was promising. I set out to dial in as many big fish spots as I could and then capitalize with at least one or two big bites from them every day. On the first day that worked perfectly, as an 8-pounder pushed me up to 4th place with 19 pounds 10 ounces. read more…

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  • Long drive home -

    When you’re on the road as much as we are time at home is precious, so I packed up early Sunday morning and started the 17-hr drive back home.  I made it in one pull, but was stiff legged and extremely tired when I got here.  Now a little rest time, then lock down & get ready for the Classic on Grand Lake.

  • On to Day 3 -

    The tough bite got tougher but I managed to bring in 14-10 and kept my seat in 4th place landing securely in the Top 12. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow where conditions will be similar to the first day. Let’s hope it brings the same luck. Weigh in at 4:00 est, Orlando FL Bass Pro Shop.

  • Day 1 in the Books -

    The morning started with a fog delay and followed up with a tough bite. I managed to figure a few things out landing in 4th place with 19-10. They’re predicting sunshine for tomorrow, which should help my game. I’m boat #71 due in at 3:45 est. See ya at the scales!

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    High Falling Water.....

    The newly submerged foliage is a bait fish magnate, especially for crawdads. Bait fish love the nutrients and the protection that it provides. more

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