A good end to a good season.

Lake Norman 2014 BASS Open 3  2014 Season Wrap-Up

The end of my tournament season was really busy, starting off with the Elite Series Angler of the Year event in Escanaba, Michigan. I didn’t have much to gain or much to lose because I’d already solidified my position in the Bassmaster Classic and was out of the running for the AOY title. Nevertheless, we’d heard that the Bays de Noc were great fisheries with monster smallmouths and that you could catch them any way you wanted – dropshot, topwater, Chatterbait, swimbait, etc. That excited me, even though there wasn’t a lot of money at stake.

Unfortunately, despite it being a large body of water, it fished quite small. There was some ultra-productive water, but also a lot of dead acreage. When the wind blows it fishes even smaller and it definitely howled while we were there, to the tune of three canceled days. We finally finished up on Monday and that led to a long drive to North Carolina for the final Southern Open of the year.

I have a fair amount of experience on Norman and it was no secret that the tournament was likely to be won on docks this time of year. There are docks everywhere, so the goal was to isolate the area that had the best chance of producing the winning weight and then dial in its potential over the three days of competition.

During the practice period, I narrowed down my approach to two main presentations: For the first hour or so, when there were low-light conditions, I’d hit up to 20 or 30 spots with a ½ ounce white Lunker Lure buzzbait, trying to catch fish that had pulled up to feed overnight. If I could catch three or four keepers doing that, then I could pick up my ½ ounce Lunker Lure Limit Series jig and hit the docks. Tipped with a Missile Baits D Bomb, it very closely mimics the bluegills and crawdads that hide in that shade. read more…

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  • Still busy in the off season. -

    I’m not sure why it’s called an off season, because professional bass fishing pretty much runs 365 24/7.  Once tournament fishing is over, it’s time to prep and plan for the next round.  But I’m hoping to put my cell phone away for a little bit and enjoy some whitetail bow hunting soon.

  • A few items before heading to Table Rock -

    Deb & I have a few last minute items to wrap up before heading back to Missouri.  I spent a day fishing on Lake Hartwell – realized that I need to return in December closer to the cutoff date.  We made our way to Alabama where I will speak to the Alabama Bass Trail anglers during their registration meeting.  Most of the Phoenix Pro Staff will be there, so it should be a good evening. Hopefully once we get home we will be able to stay put for a few weeks.

  • Top 12 on Lake Norman -

    Eleven pounds one ounce was enough to keep my 3rd place position and secure the top 12 cut for Saturday. I’m 2-pounds out of the lead, which on Norman is a wide margin.  So I’m going to put my nose to the grindstone, have a great day fishing & see what happens.  Weight-in: Bass Pro Shops, 8181 Concord Mills Blvd., Concord NC 4:00 pm est.

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    High Falling Water.....

    The newly submerged foliage is a bait fish magnate, especially for crawdads. Bait fish love the nutrients and the protection that it provides. more

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