Bassmaster Elite – Cayuga Lake, NY

Cayuga Lake Day 1 2016We’d visited Cayuga a couple of years ago slightly later in the season and it was a grass flipping paradise, so I was excited to come back and build on what I’d learned. Unfortunately, after a couple of days of practice I was a little less excited because the grass was substantially behind and the fish were doing a variety of things. There were a lot on beds, some still coming, and some that were done with the spawn.

Because the grass wasn’t fully up yet, you couldn’t just drive down the lake and get a good, predictable sense of where the bass would be. It took a lot more work, and with the super-long days this time of year that meant I put in two 16 hour practice days and a third day that was also unusually long.

Throughout the course of my practice I kept revisiting certain areas hoping that they’d get right. I didn’t want to play the smallmouth game because I didn’t think you could win with them and they’ve burned me in the past. On the third practice day I found the mother lode, one of those pristine, untouched areas just loaded with fish. I caught several and saw hundreds more.

I rushed to that area on the first day of competition and Seth Feider was the only other Elite Series angler there. By 9 o’clock we both had nearly 20 pounds. It was easy fishing that didn’t require much work but once it became obvious that we were unlikely to upgrade much if at all, Seth and I agreed not to beat the area up. That rested the fish and gave me time to expand a couple of miles in either direction. I found plenty more fish but nothing that would help me out. read more…

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  • Finally a little time off. -

    I had high hopes for Cayuga Lake, but on day 2 my weight just couldn’t keep me in the top 50 and I made a landslide from 15th to 61st.  It was gut wrenching, but it comes with a perk-  the longest break at home I’ve had all year. I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

  • Off to a good start. -

    Practice was pretty sketchy, but I put together a plan on the last day that worked well today. I weighed in 19-11, which is a great start heading into cut day. I beleave what I have going on will hold up. I’m looking forward to trying out that theory. 

  • Cayuga starts tomorrow! -

    It has been an interesting practice on  Cayuga. I was really hoping that the grass would be further along and developed, but no dice. I had to resort to plan B.  We will see how it works out, due in at 4:00 est.

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