BASSFest Hits Kentucky Lake

Chad Morgenthaler ASOJuly15There was no doubt in my mind that the Elite Series event on Kentucky Lake would be won offshore. Even though that’s not my primary strength, I committed to the ledges from the beginning and spent nearly my entire practice with my nose pointed at my Humminbird graphs. By the end of practice, after hours and hours and hours of idling, I’d dialed my electronics in to an unbelievable level of detail. I’d located five schools of fish and felt that I could catch a limit pretty easily, but getting quality bites was going to be tough.

Things were changing every day, with more fish moving out to the main river and others moving to secondary spots, so timing was going to be critical. I didn’t expect the ridiculous amount of pressure to play such a big role, but that ended up being a major factor in the tournament, with competition boats, spectator boats and recreational fishermen all vying for key positions.

When Day One began, I headed to a school I’d located on the last afternoon of practice, one where I felt a 17 to 19 pound limit would be relatively easy to catch. I had the area to myself for two minutes before another boat showed up. Three minutes later we were joined by another boat. I could see the fish on my graph but they were off of the structure and off of the bottom, not in a feeding position. Even if I had fired up the school I would’ve had to share them with the other anglers, so I left and ran up to the dam. read more…

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    I just couldn’t make it happen today. An early flurry boosted my confidence but after 7:30 a.m. I was never able to locate the right school of fish to advance & landed in 72nd place. So, on to the 2nd chance round where I need to be in the top 10 to fish Saturday. Due in at 2:15.

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