An end to the 2015 season.

Lk Seminole 2016It took a comeback on Day 2 and snagging Big Bass to end a summer dry spell.  There’s no doubt about it that Lake Seminole was fishing tough and it felt great for my plan to fall together and take a near swing at the top 12 cut.  It was definitely a good way to end the season.








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  • Off Season -

    It’s really nice to spend a little time at home after a very long tour season. I’m enjoying the opportunity to work on tackle and reorganize the boat after a year on the road.

  • Seminole Day 1 in the books. -

    well I definitely kept myself in the game with 5 fish, but tomorrow they need to weigh a little more. I have a spot I thought could increase size but it was a popular spot & covered up today. Boat #165 tomorrow due in at 5:45 I’m looking forward to a longer day.

  • Where are the bass… -

    I know there here, but Lake Seminole the last stop on the BASS southern open line up is being extremely stingy. I was really looking forward to finally fishing a grass lake, fishing the way I like to fish – flipping and pitching. It’s been a grind. I’m boat #2 out of the gate due in at 3:30 ET. We’ll see what she gives up.

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    High Falling Water.....

    The newly submerged foliage is a bait fish magnate, especially for crawdads. Bait fish love the nutrients and the protection that it provides. more

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