Top 12 at BASSfest

Lake Texoma 2016Heading into the week of the BASSfest event, Lake Texoma was 8 feet high and rising. Flooded cover and dirty water means one thing to me – FLIPPING – and that’s my favorite way to fish. I’d never seen the lake before and given the atypical conditions I was glad that I hadn’t gone to pre-practice as that scouting would have been wasted.

When the water is super-high and getting higher, the best places to look for bass are the banks where the fish can’t get too far behind the cover. It was textbook situation and by following it I got a lot of bites during practice. It was sunny and calm every day, which made it a no-brainer that the fish would be in that thick cover. The only questions were whether you’d get a bite and whether you’d be able to extract him from the mess of limbs.

Most of the fish that I found were in creeks and I resolved to spend the tournament in those tributaries where I’d gotten the most bites. I had no idea what the quality would be because I generally didn’t set the hook during practice. Nevertheless, I was confident because as other anglers sang the blues about the tough bite I didn’t think that catching fish would be a problem. As a result of the falling water and the off day on Saturday, I felt like things were just going to get better as the week progressed.

On the first day of competition I had a limit in the boat in 30 minutes on a Hawg Caller spinnerbait. Then when the sun got up I started targeted the cover more directly. That meant flooded willow trees and buck brush with a ¾ ounce black and blue Lunker Lure jig and a Missile Baits D Bomb in California Love. With a limit in the boat, I was able to slow down and pick the trees apart and culled out those spinnerbait fish. At the end of the day, I had 19-06, which put me in 2nd place behind Casey Ashley. I’d lost a couple of big ones that would’ve put me well over 20 pounds, but that’s the price you pay in that tangled web of cover.  read more…

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  • Off to a good start. -

    Practice was pretty sketchy, but I put together a plan on the last day that worked well today. I weighed in 19-11, which is a great start heading into cut day. I beleave what I have going on will hold up. I’m looking forward to trying out that theory. 

  • Cayuga starts tomorrow! -

    It has been an interesting practice on  Cayuga. I was really hoping that the grass would be further along and developed, but no dice. I had to resort to plan B.  We will see how it works out, due in at 4:00 est.

  • On to Cayuga -

    Another short turn-a-round, I was home a few days and then off on another road trip –  this one is 17-hrs, Lake Cayuga NY.   I will be very excited about the prospects if I find out the lake is full of grass when practice starts tomorrow.  I really moved up in the points after my 4th place finish. I’m hoping to continue the climb to the AYO Championship in September.

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